Grandin Rd
Prized Hyde Park location, corner of Grandin and Edwards Roads, unique property. Click here to see more about this Estate Auction.
An elegant, stately Tudor home in College Hill. Click here for more.
Estate auction of three properties, conducted in one day. Click here for more.

Five bedroom home in Anderson Township: Quality, custom built home in excellent condition. The seller had purchased another home and wanted a sale prior to cold weather. Click here for more.
Delhi Presbyterian Church, Sayler Park commercial property. Sold successfully at Absolute Auction. Click here for more.
The Estate of Walter Johnson: The unique home of a well-known antique dealer needed special marketing due to the unique nature of the home. We oversaw all these details on behalf of the executors and achieved a strong price.Click here to see more about this auction.

Lovely four bedroom with pool in the Pheasant Hills community in Loveland. Click here to see more about this Auction.
Terrific Anderson Township location on State Road. Mature trees, .6 acre lot, covered deck. Click here for more.
Two adjacent properties in Silverton including a large lot suitable for building. A guardianship situation which required considerable pre-sale preparation and removing the contents for auction. Click here for more.

We sell both residential and commercial real estate. The Auction method is an effective tool for selling all types of properties, from elegant estates properties, to fine homes in modern communities, to condos in peak condition, to rentals and diamonds-in-the-rough that may need serious rehabbing.

The advantages of the Auction method are many. There are no contingencies in the Auction Contract. The buyer will purchase the property in its "As Is" state and condition. You select a date and can plan your future around that date. An Auction puts a halt to ongoing mortgage payments, utility bills, taxes and maintenance. Competitive bidding creates interest which can help your property achieve market value and sometimes far exceed expectations. Open Houses are conducted where the property may be viewed, questions answered and bidder information packets picked up. You are not on call for showings for months at a time, and you do not need to attend the Open Houses. If time is of the essence, we can set an Auction date and sell your property within thirty days. Closings are set at thirty days from date of sale.

There are two primary ways to sell your property at Auction.

"The Reserve" - Your protection in the Auction arena. Most of the properties we sell are sold with a reserve. A reserve sets a minimum amount for the sale of a property. The property must reach this amount or it is not sold. Careful consideration is given in reaching this figure. We will work with you to help determine an amount that satisfies your needs and still allows the property to be sold.

"Absolute Auction" - Selling to the highest bidder, regardless of price. There are no exceptions. An Auction conducted as Absolute can generate strong interest because buyers know the property will be sold that day without exception. The Absolute method is an effective tool in certain cases and can help an owner sell a difficult or distressed property and move on.