Spring Select Auction 2007

Architectural and Rugs

284. Carved limestone architectural element from the old Serpent House in the Cincinnati Zoo, 1920s, featuring Bacchus surrounded by grapes and leaves, 18"h x 16.5"w at top, 11"w at bottom, relief carving is 4" deep, both horns missing tips, minor loss at left nostril. 1,500-2,500
254. Pair of Victorian hanging apothecary show globes, oblong clear glass with intricate cast metal, brass plated, mountings with hanging artichoke finials, griffin headed wall brackets with acanthus scrolls and pods. Three eyelets on top of crown support chain hanger. 22"h x 10"d, 15" brackets, excellent condition. 1,500-2,500
357. Stained and leaded glass fire screen, five panels in wrought iron frames with scrolled feet and crowns, many green jewels. Center panel has tree of life over central panel in mottled pink and white glass surrounded by the phrase SALVE QVISQIVS ADES (All who come are welcome), 43.5"h x 80"w, minor breaks to several segments, overall very good condition. 1,500-2,500
364. Bronze bank door-front, classic design with intertwining vines and leaf medallions at corners, interior border of circular leaf medallions in geometric pattern, central cartouche of wreath with Fleur di Leis and shell accents, great brown-green patina, rail bent & detached at bottom, 74.25"h x 24.25"w. 1,500-2,000
286. Arch top leaded and stained glass window, central medallions with grape cluster and leaves surrounded by overlapping geometric shapes in blue and red, with mottled segments in shades of green, caramel and violet. 50"h x 23"w glass in 54.25" x 27" frame. One 0.5" x 0.25" loss, several minor losses and cracks, overall sound. Frame joints bound by metal straps and screws. 400-600
285. Stained and leaded glass Arts & Crafts window in oak frame, red blossoms, green and mottled orange leaves, leaded stems with jewels, three part linear border of green, beveled clear, and yellow glass. 20.5" x 20.5" within 24.5" x 24.5" oak frame, excellent condition. 300-400
392. Large Persian Kerman rug, c.1920, 12' x 20', excellent color and condition, one faded area at border. 2,500-3,500
376. Antique cloud band Kazak area rug, Southwest Caucasus, red central field with stylized flora and fauna, 8.5' x 4', very good condition. 2,000-3,000
384. Antique Kuba area rug, c.1910 East Caucasus, polychrome decoration with yellow central field, 4'x 6', very good condition. 1,500-2,500
385. Hamadan area rug, c.1950, red center field, floral borders on blue and brown, 6' x 4', excellent condition. 500-700
406. Lilihan area rug, c.1920, stylized plants, 6.5' x 5', some wear and uneven color. 350-550
429. Sarouk area rug, c.1920, rich reds and blues, 3' x 2.5', excellent condition. 150-250
444. Sarouk area rug, c.1920, rich reds and blues, 5' x 2.5', excellent condition. 200-300
420. Lilihan area rug, c.1920, red field, 5' x 3', very good condition. 200-400