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311. Original Currier & Ives hand colored lithograph, Brook Trout Fishing: An Anxious Moment, New York Published by Currier & Ives 152 Nassau Street, Painted by A.F. Tait, On Stone by CH. Parsons, Entered According to Act of Congress AD 1862 by Currier & Ives in the Clerk's Office of the District Court for the Southern District of NY. Image size 18-3/16" x 27", sheet size 23-3/16" x 31". Margins: 2" left, right and upper; 3.5" bottom. Light water stains along lower margin under printing, very faint vertical foxing down middle, slight discoloration spots, most of the image is bright and clean with good color and details. Three small and faint abrasions. Print is not attached in any way, it rests freely between the glass and the wood backing. In early gilt and black gesso over wood frame. 8,000-12,000
295. William McKendree Snyder, Indiana, Forest road with stumps, oil on canvas, 18" x 28", signed. 2,500-4,500

Snyder was one of the first artists to paint landscapes in Brown County, Indiana. He served in the Union Army in the Civil War. He studied under John Insco Williams in Cincinnati, and later with Albert Bierstadt and George Innes.

296. William McKendree Snyder, Indiana, Forest interior trail with red leaves, oil on canvas, 12" x 20", signed. 2,500-3,500
299. Addison Thomas Millar, New York, 1860-1913, Young Parisian man on couch, oil on panel, 6.5" x 8.5", signed. 2,500-3,500

Born in Warren Ohio, Millar studied in Cleveland, and later in New York at the Art Students League with William Merritt Chase.  He studied again with Chase in Spain. Millar worked in France and Holland, and was widely exhibited in his lifetime, including at the National Academy of Design.

319. J.J. Enwright, NY, 1905-2001, New England harbor scene, oil on canvas, 24" x 36", signed. 2,750-3,500

J.J. Enwright is one of the pseudonyms of artist Hjalmar "Cappy" Amundsen. He is best known for his harbor paintings in New York and Massachusetts.

313. Howard McCormick, New Jersey, 1875-1943, The Parrot, 1927, oil on panel, 16" x 12", signed front and back, Salmagundi Club Exhibition label to back, thickly applied paint resembles faience tile. 2,000-2,500

Painter and illustrator Howard McCormick is best known for his museum murals depicting Southwest Indians. He studied with William Forsyth, William Merritt Chase, and in 1895 at the Academie Julian with Jean Paul Laurens. He was a member of the American National Academy and exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1913 and the Salons of America in 1934.

314. John Philip Falter, Philadelphia, 1910-1980, Trompe l'oeil of windup English cavalry toy, 1956, oil on panel, 5" x 6", initials to front, signed and dated back. Sells with the original toy from the painting. Falter used this toy as his model, then later gave the painting to the owners of the toy. 3,000-5,000

Falter was one of the most noted cover illustrators for the Saturday Evening Post and several other publications. He studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and then won a scholarship to the Art Students League in New York.

292. William Hurd Lawrence, New York, 1866-1938, Rockport harbor with boats at dock, oil on canvas, 16" x 20". A nice Cape Ann School harbor scene by a well-listed New York artist. Artist's business card attached to back. 1,500-2,000

William Hurd Lawrence was a painter and illustrator of New York and East Coast scenes, genre, and landscapes. He exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago, Corcoran Gallery Biennial, Pennsylvania Academy, St. Louis Exposition-World's Fair 1904, and the American Artists Professional League, where he was also a member.

367. Frank Boyd, New York, 20th century, Impressionist beach with colorful crowd, oil on board, 8" x 10", signed. 1,500-2,000
368. Edmund Darch Lewis, Philadelphia, 1835-1910, Harbor with boat and row of trees, oil on canvas on board, 5.75" x 7.5", signed. 1,200-1,800

Born in Philadelphia, Lewis studied under Paul Weber. He exhibited at the National Academy of Design, the Boston Athanaeum, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

297. Thomas B. Griffin, New York, 1858-1918, Landscape with fishing hawk, oil on canvas, 12" x 18", signed. 1,000-2,000

Thomas Bartholomew Bailey Griffin studied and exhibited at the National Academy of Design. He was active in New York, painting in the Catskills and by Lake George, and in Maryland.

369. Arthur Bowen Davies, New York, 1862-1928, Sketch of man reaching up, gouache and pencil, 13.5" x 8.5", signed. 1,000-2,000

Davies was one of "The Eight, " a group of painters who became a symbol of revolt in American art after an exhibition in 1908. He studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, and adopted a Cubist style later in his life.

222. John Califano, California & Illinois, 1862-1946, Peasant interior with playing cards, oil on board, 22" x 34", signed. 1,000-1,500

Califano was born in Rome, where he studied under Domenico Morelli. He later lived in Chicago and eventually California. He won a gold medal at an exhibit in Naples in 1880, exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1907, and at the National Academy of Design from 1897-99.

370. Camillo Adriani, USA, 20th century, Forest interior snowscene with creek, oil on canvas, 24" x 30", signed. 1,000-2,000

Camillo (Camille) Adriani was a painter of landscapes, harbor scenes and gardens, with good auction records.

125. L. Clarence Ball, Indiana, 1858-1915, Edge of the Marsh, watercolor, 9" x 7", signed. 600-1,000

Born in Mt Vernon, OH, Ball worked and taught in South Bend, IN. He studied at the National Academy of Design, and exhibited at the Boston Art Club, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

373. Dey De Ribcowski, Florida, 1880-1936, Venice canal at Rialto bridge, 1917, oil on canvas, 20" x 30", signed, dated 17. 1,000-1,500

(Richard) Dey De Ribcowski was born in Bulgaria, studied art in Paris beginning at age 13, then continued in Italy and Russia. He founded the Academy of Beaux Arts in Buenos Aires in 1904. He immigrated to the United States in 1910, living primarily in Arizona and California. He specialized in marine paintings, cityscapes, Venice, and the Grand Canyon.

221. Wendell Thompson Perkins, Florida, 1928-1997, New England steamship the Nahant, oil on canvas, 22" x 30", signed. 1,000-1,500

Perkins grew up in Maine, where he learned to paint from his father, from his own efforts, and at the Portland School of Fine Arts. He sold well in his lifetime both in Maine, and in Florida, where he spent his later years.

124. Joseph Trover, Indiana, b.1915, Spring Cat-Tails, oil on canvas, 24" x 36", signed, with original Hoosier Art Mart tag. A large Brown County landscape with distant buildings. 500-1,000

Trover is known for his Brown County landscapes and hunting dogs. He exhibited at the Hoosier Salon, Indianapolis Art League, U.S. Senate Office, and elsewhere. His teachers included C. Curry Bohm.

46. Orrin Draver, Richmond Indiana, 1895-1964, Still life with flowers and book, oil on board, 18" x 24", signed. 600-800

Well-listed Richmond Indiana landscape painter. Exhibited in the Hoosier Salon, as well as in several galleries in Cincinnati and Chicago.

371. Fern Frances Cunningham, Ohio and California, 1889-1975, Harbor with boat unloading, oil on board, 17" x 20", signed. Born in Ohio, active painter in Florida and California. 600-800

Born in Defiance, Ohio, Cunningham was active in Florida and California. She studied at Defiance College, Van Emburg Art School (NJ), and in France at the Fontainbleu School.

220. Pearl E. Lettelier, California, b.1871, Early California landscape with beached rowboat and adult with child, 1888, 9.5" x 13.5", signed and dated. Lettelier was an accomplished artist, her works are rare. 600-800
129. Hughson Hawley, New York, 1850-1936, Woman at summer cottage with Chartres Cathedral in background, 1928, watercolor, 11.5" x 16.5", signed. 600-800
117. Pauline Paull, Rhode Island, 20th century, New England farmhouse scene, oil on board, 12" x 16", signed. Sells with photograph of the artist dated 1931, and catalog page depicting a portrait of the artist painted by Maurice Compris. 500-700

Paull was a Bristol, Rhode Island painter who also worked in Connecticut and on Cape Ann. She was a member of and exhibitor with the Connecticut Academy of Fine Art, the Newport Art Association, the Rockport Art Association, and the Providence Art Club.

121. Paul E. Harney, St Louis, 1850-1915, Landscape with stream, 1907, oil on canvas, 10" x 8", signed. 500-700
15. Charles Wesley Nicholson, California, 1886-1965, Arcade in Mission San Juan Capistrano, oil on canvas laid on board, 8.75" x 11.75", signed, old paper label on back, unframed. 400-600

Born in French Lick, Indiana, Nicholson moved to Chicago to work as an illustrator while studying at the Art Institute of Chicago. He moved to Los Angeles, where he worked for movie studios while painting landscapes and missions on his own.

123. John Elwood Bundy, Indiana, 1853-1933, Landscape with cottage and lake, watercolor, 5" x 7", signed. 500-750

A member of the Richmond School of Indiana painters. Worked in New York as a portraitist before returning to Indiana to paint landscapes, mostly in Wayne County. Bundy was head of the Art Department at Earlham College for eight years. He published a book of etchings called Fond Recollections.

16. William Henry Holmes, Ohio, 1846-1933, Landscape with distant people, watercolor, 6" x 8", signed. 600-800

Born near Cadiz, Ohio, William Henry Holmes is best known for his panoramic Grand Canyon illustrations and traditional watercolors. He held several prestigous positions in his career, including director of the National Gallery of Art.

120. Charles William Duvall, Columbus Ohio, 1864-1966, Fall landscape with river and cliff, 1962, oil on canvas, 24" x 32", signed. 600-800

Born in Galia County, Ohio, Duvall spent most of his life working and teaching in Columbus. He was a well respected artist in his lifetime, known for Ohio and West Virginia landscapes.

1. Jon Whitcomb, USA, 1906-1988, Harbor scene in Salt Kettle Bermuda, 1948, gouache, 9.5" x 13", signed. 400-600

Whitcomb worked primarily as an illustrator, focusing on pretty girls and young couples. During World War II, he served in the Navy in the Pacific, at times working as a combat illustrator in tropical climates.

13. Margarreta Snyder, Indiana, 20th century, Forest interior with creek and squirrel, 1928, oil on canvas, 48" x 30", signed. 300-500
92. Frank Warren Marshall, RI, 1866-1930, Still life with chrysanthemums, 1890, oil on canvas, 10" x 16", signed and dated, partial label on back from the Providence Art Club, of which Marshall was a founding member. 200-400

Known as 'dean' of Rhode Island illustrators, Frank Marshall was also a landscape painter and silversmith. He studied at the Rhode Island School of Design in the early 1880s, and in Paris in 1885 at the Academy Julian. He was a founding member of the Providence Art Club and the Providence Water Color Club, and in Boothbay Harbor he was one of the founders of the Commonwealth Colony of Art. Marshall was an illustrator for the "Providence Journal" from 1897 to 1923, and for 20 years taught at the Rhode Island School of Design.

87. Margaret Holt, USA, 20th century, Pointillist garden scene with woman, girl, and child riding bike, 1959, oil on canvas, 40" x 30", signed MAH, signed Holt to reverse with exhibition label from 1961 Louisville Art Center Annual. 300-500
119. Frederick E. Roberts, Boston, d.1937, Newton Highlands, oil on board, 10" x 14", signed, titled on back. 400-600

Roberts was a Massachusetts painter who first worked in Indiana before settling in Boston. He exhibited at the Boston Art Club and produced mainly landscapes. He was best known for softly rendered scenes of the Massachusetts countryside.