Spring Select Auction 2007

Lots 193-226

193. Rookwood wax matt vase by Elizabeth Lincoln, large red leaves and purple berries on green stems, green to red to blue background, 1928, #2996, 9", mint. 800-1,200
194. Rookwood trivet with three geese, polychrome matt in pastel shades of green, blue and yellow, 1945, #3207, 5.5", mint. 250-350
195. Rookwood faience tile, relief and polychrome matt decorated owl with spread wings and shield, marked J222, 3029Y, RP442, 8" x 8", minor surface roughness, restoration to shield tip. 400-600
196. Rookwood three-piece console set with seated elephants with raised trunks, black high glaze with teal interior. Center bowl with three elephant supports, 1929, #6062, insignificant roughness to base, 5.75"h x 11"d. Two elephant candle stands, 1929, #6059, 4", mint. 1,000-1,500
197. Rookwood vase, uncrazed porcelain glaze by Patti Conant, delicate shoulder decoration of orange blossoms with white centers on mauve stems and leaves on a dark and light blue background, incised signature, 1917, #2306, P, 7"h, mint 800-1,200
198. Pair of Rookwood elephant bookends in mottled blue and tan matt glaze, 1922 and 1923, 2444C, paper labels from Marshall Field 1924, 5.75", faint craze lines underside of bases. 800-1,200
199. Rookwood vellum vase by Ed Diers, excellent decoration of three birds on branches with white blossoms with yellow centers against a pale blue and pink background, 1925, #2782, 9.75", uncrazed exterior. Rim interior shows peppering, glaze pitting and craze line along half of rim, base chip. Sells with factory booklet, Rookwood Pottery, Founded 1880, Its History and Its Aims, ragged edges to cover. 2,500-3,500
200. Early Rookwood green glaze tankard commemorating Cincinnati's centennial in 1888, one side has 1788 and state seal of Ohio, the other has 1888 and Cincinnati's seal, acanthus accents to spout and handle, base impressed with RP logo, small chip and line to spout, 6.75". 400-600
201. Cincinnati Art Carved hanging cabinet in black walnut. Two doors deeply relief carved with sweetgum branches continuing across both doors with hanging gumballs, upper border relief carved with half blossoms on stippled background, lower border relief carved with stylized leaves. Upper backsplash deeply carved with blossoms in triangles, quarter-fans carved to corners. Lower shelf backed by blossoms carved into checkerboard frame. Lower bout with carved shield with AB on stippled background. Sides carved with blossoms and leaves, diamond edging throughout cabinet. 35.5"h x 18"w x 9"d. Original finish, some chips. 2,000-3,000
202. Cincinnati Art Carved hanging corner cabinet in black walnut, carved as a building with peaked roof with deeply carved "shingles," relief carved blossoms to pediment, central door panel has deeply carved blossoming vines entwining trellis work on stippled background, borders of door carved in bands of fans and geometrics with floral blossoms at top corners and round medallions at lower corners each with four clover blossoms, each side has deeply carved tall blossoming reeds on stippled backgrounds, 24.5"h x 13.25"w x 12.5"d, original finish, minor chips. 2,000-3,000
203. Cincinnati Art Carved two-shelf hanging rack in black walnut. Upper splash has unusual combination of checkerboard with loosely arranged daisies in various sizes, fully carved gallery to upper bout with blossoms and geometrics. Main shelf supported by turned burled columns with deeply ornate bases, center panel relief carved with blossoms and leaves on stippled background, surrounding bands and gallery fully carved with blossoms. Lower bout with unusual relief carved blossoms on stippled background, with spooled gallery. 25"h x 23.25"w x 9"d. Condition: original finish, two repaired breaks to sides, 3" line lower left of main panel. 1,000-2,000
204. Cincinnati Art Carved hanging cabinet in black walnut. Single door with beveled mirror surrounded by relief carved peony blossoms, two shelf interior, backsplash carved with fans and geometrics, blossoms and geometric borders to lower bout and sides, pinned tenons, 25.5"h x 12.5"w x 6.5"d, original finish, minor chips, cracks around upper hinge. 800-1,200
205. Rookwood wax matt vase by Sallie Coyne, red poppy blossoms and buds with violet centers on long green stems, olive to dark blue background, date and shape number obscured by drill hole, 9.25". 400-600
206. Rookwood standard glaze ewer, decoration of holly leaves and berries by Laura Lindeman, 1900, #40, 6"h, mint. 250-350
207. Rookwood pinecone lamp in violet matt glaze, 1920, #1284, 11", tiny factory glazed chip under base. 350-550
208. Two Rookwood Arts and Crafts vases. Globe form vase on three feet in pale green matt glaze, 1927, #2093, 3.25", mint. Two-handled bud vase in medium brown matt glaze, base obscured by glaze, 5", minute chip to handle. 250-350
209. Rookwood compote, fluted column with molded blossoms, cream high glaze, 1915, #2229P, 11.5", mint, with matching flower frog, 1917, #2262P, crack.to base of frog. 200-300
210. Walnut hanging mirror, upper bout relief carved with Federal eagle design between turned columns, bevelled mirror flanked by reeded columns with tall acanthus capitals, ball finials, 35.5"h x 29"w x 3.5"d, minor losses to sides. 800-1,200
211. Rookwood classic form vase, matt green drip glaze exterior with adventurine highlights, dark orange interior, 1925, #2786, 11.5"h x 5.5"d, faint hairline to base which cannot be felt. 200-300
212. Rookwood chamberstick, tan matt glaze, 1921, #1638, 3.5", mint. 100-200
213. Rookwood Arts & Crafts matt green low bowl, ribbed lower half, four accented corners to rim, 1920, #1390, 3"h x 6.5"d, mint. 150-250
214. Rookwood two-handled Arts & Crafts candlestick, pink matt glaze, 1919, #2074, 7", mint. 250-350
215. Pair of Rookwood colonial lady bookends, white matt glaze, 1937, #6252, 6.5", mint. 350-450
216. Rookwood elephant paperweight in white matt glaze, 1927, #2797, 3.5"h x 4"w, mint. 200-300
217. Standing oak abacus, curled foot supports, original finish, wingnuts to rods, early 20th century, 60"h x 24"w x 20"d. 200-300
218. French style mahogany music cabinet, hand painted musical scenes and landscapes to front, sides and top, beautifully done, on a rich gold colored background, top and door have brass trimmings, three shelf interior, old triangular label on reverse reads GRM. 40"h x 18"w x 14"d. Good condition, some wear to finish, brass knob loose, two interior shelf braces split. 300-500
219. Snowy boulevard cityscape, pastel, 17" x 20", signed A Janson. 500-700
220. Pearl E. Lettelier, California, b.1871, Early California landscape with beached rowboat and adult with child, 1888, 9.5" x 13.5", signed and dated. Lettelier was an accomplished artist, her works are rare. 600-800
221. Wendell Thompson Perkins, Florida, 1928-1997, New England steamship the Nahant, oil on canvas, 22" x 30", signed. 1,000-1,500

Perkins grew up in Maine, where he learned to paint from his father, from his own efforts, and at the Portland School of Fine Arts. He sold well in his lifetime both in Maine, and in Florida, where he spent his later years.

222. John Califano, California & Illinois, 1862-1946, Peasant interior with playing cards, oil on board, 22" x 34", signed. 1,000-1,500

Califano was born in Rome, where he studied under Domenico Morelli. He later lived in Chicago and eventually California. He won a gold medal at an exhibit in Naples in 1880, exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1907, and at the National Academy of Design from 1897-99.

223. Large European banquet scene, oil on canvas, 26" x 34", unsigned, after Frans Hals. 800-1,200
224. John Mansfield Crealock, Britain, 1871-1959, Luxembourg Gardens, 1919, oil on canvas, 25" x 32", signed and dated, title to reverse. 1,000-1,500

Crealock is a well-listed painter of gardens, landscapes, rivers, and flowers.

225. F. Walther, Britain, 19th century, Landscape with rowboat and distant house, oil on canvas, 14" x 22", signed. 400-600
226. Wiktor Korecki, Poland, 1890-1980, Peasant woman between two cottages, oil on board, 14.5" x 21.5", signed. 800-1,000