Spring Select Auction 2007

Silver, Page Two of Two

97. Ten S. Kirk & Son sterling goblets with gold wash interior, 72, 6.75"h, 55.6oz troy, excellent condition. 600-800
98. Ten S. Kirk & Son sterling petite goblets, 73, 5.75", 35.5oz troy, excellent condition. 350-450
279. Sterling water pitcher, classic form, leaf thumb grip to handle, marked International Sterling 4 1/4 PTS, 9"h, 23.4oz troy, excellent condition. 250-350
280. Sterling water pitcher, classic form with linear accents to rim and foot, 3.5 pints, marked STERLING 1282 with wreath hallmark, 8.75"h, 21.8oz troy, minor dings and scratches. 250-350
166. Large Wallace silver plate five-light candelabra, ornate scolling decoration, 17"h, 5.5" ribbed glass bobeches to each cup, split to stem. 500-700
153. Pair of S. Kirk & Son sterling repousse and partial chased candle stands with threaded cups, weighted and reinforced, 4.75", excellent condition. 150-250
163. Two S. Kirk & Son sterling repousse serving spoons with fruit-bowls, 9.25", 47.8oz troy, excellent condition. 200-300
160. Lot of five S. Kirk & Son sterling repousse: Footed bon bon bowl, #431, 5.75", 5.4oz troy, excellent condition; three bon bon spoons with fruit bowls, 5.25", 1.0oz troy each, excellent condition; bread plate, #127F, 6.25", 4.3oz troy, minor scratches. 200-300
161. Lot of six S. Kirk & Son sterling repousse and partial chased: two footed nut dishes, #43, 2", 1.3oz troy each; two butter pats, #17F, 3.25", 1.3oz troy each; two match keeps with inserts, #90F, 1.5", 0.6oz troy each. Excellent condition. 150-250
159. Lot of S. Kirk & Son sterling repousse and partial chased with blossom borders on stippled background, two toothpick holders, 2", marked 10A, 2.5oz troy each, and two small plates with acanthus centers, 3.75", marked 27F, 1.8oz troy each, excellent condition. 150-250
162. S. Kirk & Son sterling repousse three piece dresser set: beveled hand mirror, 12.5"; brush, 9.5"; comb, 7.75". Excellent condition. 200-400
149. S. Kirk & Son sterling footed bowl, marked Paul Revere Reproduction, S. Kirk & Son Sterling 220, 9"d x 4.25"h, 24.2oz troy, excellent condition. 250-300
150. S. Kirk & Son sterling footed bowl, marked Paul Revere Reproduction, S. Kirk & Son Sterling 218A, 8"d x 4"h, 16.0oz troy, minor scratches to interior. 175-225
106. Two S. Kirk & Son sterling footed bowls, marked Paul Revere Reproduction, S. Kirk & Son Sterling 211, 5"d x 2.75"h, 14.2oz troy, minor scratches to interior. 150-250
167. Sterling dresser tray with repousse scene of cherub and mermaid atop waves, seaweed and shell decorations to border, marked STERLING with faint hallmark and C1074, faint dents and scratches, 3.7oz, 8.5" x 5.75". 75-125
96. Ten sterling sherberts with linear and triangle open work to edge, marked Sterling with hallmarks, 3.75"h, 28.2oz troy, nine fitted with stemmed glass inserts, minor scratches. 300-500
114. Ten S. Kirk & Son sterling drinking cups, 284A, 5.25"h, 53.1oz troy, excellent condition. 400-600
103. Ten S. Kirk & Son sterling tumblers, 283A, 3.25"h, 32.8oz troy, excellent condition. 250-450
111. Ten sterling bell-form sherberts, 3", 30.9oz troy. 300-400
152. Two sterling oval bowls, 10" x 7.5" x 1.75"h, 26.2oz troy, marked Sterling 1492 with torch mark, minor scratches. 250-350
168. Pair of coin silver repousse bread trays, central oval scene in deep relief of peasants and revelers, wide reticulated rims with fruit baskets, blossoms and scrolls, hallmarks, 10.25" x 7" x 1.5"h. 250-300
105. Twelve sterling bread plates, monogrammed B, 6", 46.9oz troy, scratches to tops and bottoms. 450-550
277. Gorham sterling bowl, deeply rounded acanthus and wheat-shock decoration to rim, swirled sides, base marked with lion-anchor-G hallmarks STERLING A2227, monogram, scratch to bottom, dents, 14.6oz, 10.25"d x 3"h. 150-200
110. Six sterling apertifs, marked sterling with hallmarks, 4.5", 1.7oz troy each, sells with two S. Kirk & Son sterling nut dishes, 4101, 2", 2.0oz troy each. 150-200
112. Ten Towle sterling cordials, 3", weighted bases. 100-150
107. Two Gorham sterling bread bowls, marked Gorham Sterling with hallmarks and 4463, 1.75"h x 11.75"w x 6"d, 14.8oz troy, insignificant scratches. 150-300
151. Sterling oval bread bowl with reticulated sides and relief decorated rim with acanthus scrolls and shells, 13"w x 3"h, 15.4oz troy, excellent condition. 150-250
157. German 800 silver tray with stepped rim, German hallmarks, 17" x 7.75", 23.6oz troy, minor pitting and scratches. 250-350
113. Poole sterling lidded ice bucket, acanthus handles, urn finial, original Thermos insert, marked Sterling by Poole 55, 8.5"h x 9"w, excellent condition. 100-200
156. Lot of Reed & Barton sterling: sauce boat and underplate, fancy scrolled handle, ribbed forms, hallmarks with Sterling 995, torch mark for 1929, 8"w, 10.5oz troy; covered butter with reticulated floral finial, marked Reed & Barton Sterling, 8"w, 8.7oz troy. Minor scratches. 200-300
158. Lot of three sterling serving dishes: pair of Sheffield footed compotes with reticulated sides, c.1933, hallmarks, 2.5"h x 6"d, 5.5oz troy each, excellent condition; serving dish with three leaf-form bowls, rope twist handle, three ball feet, monogram, marked Black, Starr & Gorham, Hand Made by Sciarrotta, 9 Sterling, 8", 7.6oz troy, excellent condition. 100-200
104. Three sterling serving spoons: ladle with side pour bowl, Buccellati Italy, 12", 8.1oz troy; two hand wrought serving spoons with mounting pins to backs of handles, marked O.N.C. Sterling, 13", 4.2oz troy each. Excellent condition. 150-250