Spring Select Auction 2007

Art Pottery

See also Cincinnati Art for several paintings by Rookwood artists

199. Rookwood vellum vase by Ed Diers, excellent decoration of three birds on branches with white blossoms with yellow centers against a pale blue and pink background, 1925, #2782, 9.75", uncrazed exterior. Rim interior shows peppering, glaze pitting and craze line along half of rim, base chip. Sells with factory booklet, Rookwood Pottery, Founded 1880, Its History and Its Aims, ragged edges to cover. 2,500-3,500
197. Rookwood vase, uncrazed porcelain glaze by Patti Conant, delicate shoulder decoration of orange blossoms with white centers on mauve stems and leaves on a dark and light blue background, incised signature, 1917, #2306, P, 7"h, mint 800-1,200
198. Pair of Rookwood elephant bookends in mottled blue and tan matt glaze, 1922 and 1923, 2444C, paper labels from Marshall Field 1924, 5.75", faint craze lines underside of bases. 800-1,200
196. Rookwood three-piece console set with seated elephants with raised trunks, black high glaze with teal interior. Center bowl with three elephant supports, 1929, #6062, insignificant roughness to base, 5.75"h x 11"d. Two elephant candle stands, 1929, #6059, 4", mint. 1,000-1,500
193. Rookwood wax matt vase by Elizabeth Lincoln, large red leaves and purple berries on green stems, green to red to blue background, 1928, #2996, 9", mint. 800-1,200
227. Roseville blue Falline two handle vase, stylized pea pods in green and yellow with brown top, foil lable, 6", mint. 500-700
229. Roseville Futura jardiniere, polychrome leaves on tan background, paper label, two glaze misses at shoulder, 6". 350-450
240. Moorcroft Wysteria hand decorated vase, red and yellow pods and pale green leaves on blue background, impressed MOORCROFT BURSLEM M48 with painted signature, 9.75", small base chip. 500-600
200. Early Rookwood green glaze tankard commemorating Cincinnati's centennial in 1888, one side has 1788 and state seal of Ohio, the other has 1888 and Cincinnati's seal, acanthus accents to spout and handle, base impressed with RP logo, small chip and line to spout, 6.75". 400-600
205. Rookwood wax matt vase by Sallie Coyne, red poppy blossoms and buds with violet centers on long green stems, olive to dark blue background, date and shape number obscured by drill hole, 9.25". 400-600
195. Rookwood faience tile, relief and polychrome matt decorated owl with spread wings and shield, marked J222, 3029Y, RP442, 8" x 8", minor surface roughness, restoration to shield tip. 400-600
194. Rookwood trivet with three geese, polychrome matt in pastel shades of green, blue and yellow, 1945, #3207, 5.5", mint. 250-350
215. Pair of Rookwood colonial lady bookends, white matt glaze, 1937, #6252, 6.5", mint. 350-450
216. Rookwood elephant paperweight in white matt glaze, 1927, #2797, 3.5"h x 4"w, mint. 200-300
239. Pair of Weller Patrician floor vases with swan handles, 17.5", mint. 400-600
238. European pottery jardiniere and pedestal, molded acanthus leaves and scrolls, decorated with white blossoms with gold centers and green leaves, patchwork style background in green, yellow and pale blue with gold borders and highlights. Jardiniere 12"h x 17"w, bolted two-piece pedestal 24"h x 16"d, both marked Etruria 2986, excellent condition. 400-600
231. Roseville Moss console bowl with frog, bowl marked 292-8, 12"w, mint, small base chip to frog. 250-350
232. Roseville Moss vase, silver label & strong mold, marked 774-6, 6", mint. 150-200
234. Large Roseville green and pink Foxglove two-handled vase, raised marks Roseville U.S.A. 55-16, 16.25", three minute flakes to flower tips. 400-600
206. Rookwood standard glaze ewer, decoration of holly leaves and berries by Laura Lindeman, 1900, #40, 6"h, mint. 250-350
211. Rookwood classic form vase, matt green drip glaze exterior with adventurine highlights, dark orange interior, 1925, #2786, 11.5"h x 5.5"d, faint hairline to base which cannot be felt. 200-300
209. Rookwood compote, fluted column with molded blossoms, cream high glaze, 1915, #2229P, 11.5", mint, with matching flower frog, 1917, #2262P, crack to base of frog. 200-300
207. Rookwood pinecone lamp in violet matt glaze, 1920, #1284, 11", tiny factory glazed chip under base. 350-550
213. Rookwood Arts & Crafts matt green low bowl, ribbed lower half, four accented corners to rim, 1920, #1390, 3"h x 6.5"d, mint. 150-250
212. Rookwood chamberstick, tan matt glaze, 1921, #1638, 3.5", mint. 100-200
214. Rookwood two-handled Arts & Crafts candlestick, pink matt glaze, 1919, #2074, 7", mint. 250-350
208. Two Rookwood Arts and Crafts vases. Globe form vase on three feet in pale green matt glaze, 1927, #2093, 3.25", mint. Two-handled bud vase in medium brown matt glaze, base obscured by glaze, 5", minute chip to handle. 250-350
235. Weller Louwelsa vase, orange blossom on thorny stems with green leaves, brown to green to salmon background, artist initials LWS to side, several impressed marks to base, 7.25", mint. 200-300
236. Cambridge broad vase, orange blossom with green center on thorny branches with green leaves and brown pods, background in brown to yellow to green, base impressed CAMBRIDGE 215, 4.5"h x 6"d, mint. 150-250
339. Two framed Arts & Crafts style landscape tiles, matt glaze decorations in wide areas of blue, olive green, yellow, violet, with light brown texturing and black outlining. 7.5" x 15" tile in 11" x 19" frame, 5.5" x 5.5" tile in matching 9" x 9" frame. 200-300
233. Roseville Carnelian II vase, mottled glaze in shades of blue, green and aqua, unmarked, 9", mint. 150-250
228. Roseville pink Cherry Blossom vase, 5.25"h x 7"w, mint. 200-400
230. Roseville pink Thornapple Art Deco vase, 305-6, 6", mint. 200-300
241. Teplitz Art Nouveau vase, elegant lady resting against amorphous vase with relief decoration of blossoming plants, pale green to tan glaze, ink stamped CROWNOAKWARE Teplitz AUSTRIA, signed Schwarz in mold, impressed BB 7133, 6.5"h, tiny chip to sleeve edge. 150-250
237. Mosaic Tile Co pottery dresser box with "Roseville" type dog figure to lid, teal matt glaze, 4"h x 8.25" x 4", mint. 150-250